Backed by leading fintech investor, Better Tomorrow Ventures (Ramp, Unit) as well as executives from Sony, Disney, PostCredit offers a one-stop shop for production spending, making it easy for managing funds, issuing P-cards, and tracking expenses.
Screenshot of post-credit webapp user dashboard

Modern banking designed for production teams.

  • Save time by eliminating manual receipt entry

    Automated receipt reconciliation simplifies expense tracking to the level of sending a text. Receipts can be uploaded through text message, email, or the website.

  • Instant snapshots of production finances

    Track production funds and outgoing payments at a glance with your all-in-one dashboard

  • Easy envelope reconcilitaion

    Easy receipt uploads make envelope submission a snap. Your team will thank you.

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Integrate With Your Team

PostCredit partnered with our US-based UX designers and Vietnam-based engineering team to perform the web application design and development.

Team Collaboration
  • AgilityIO designers conducted product discovery and designed the PostCredit web app experience and user interface.

  • AgilityIO engineers collaborated with PostCredit and BaaS provider Unit to develop an end-to-end web-based solution for production companies.

Tech Stack

  • TypeScript

  • React


  • Sentry

  • Python

  • Django

  • AWS

  • Plaid

The Result

PostCredit is the first and only banking solution designed and developed exclusively for tv and film production companies. By working with AgilityIO, PostCredit delivered a banking solution that benefits independent filmmakers and other content creators to easily manage production funds. This revolutionary concept allows filmmakers to focus on telling the most captivating stories.