EarlyBird simplifies investing and promotes gifting to empower a brighter financial future for the next generation. Parents can easily open custodial investment accounts for their children in just a few minutes, enabling family and friends to give sustainable and meaningful investments for the child's key life milestones.
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Help children grow their wealth and secure their financial future

  • Seamless Gifting

    EarlyBird makes it easy for parents to create custodial investment accounts, set up portfolios, and receive gifts on behalf of their children.

  • Digital Memories

    Givers can attach digital moments in the form of photos or videos to a gift, providing the receiving child with a lifetime of special memories.

  • Financial Knowledge

    Users can get inspired by browsing the EarlyBird Blog, which offers insights on financial literacy and gifting content.

End-to-end Digital Solution Delivery

EarlyBird approached us to create the technical solutions necessary for developing and launching a new fintech gifting mobile application. Our objective was to define a system architecture that is highly scalable and extensible.

  • The AgilityIO team utilized the JavaScript framework React Native to provide the application with an ultimate native look on iOS.

  • As a way to facilitate future scalability, the EarlyBird application utilized an AWS Serverless Backend.

  • By integrating into Apex Clearing, EarlyBird gained access to a robust suite of APIs and support for the complete investing and trading lifecycle.

  • EarlyBird used a Dwolla integration to connect and move money seamlessly throughout the native application.

Tech Stack

  • React Native

  • NodeJS

  • AWS

  • Plaid

  • Dwolla

  • Apex Clearing

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