OTR Clutch

OTR Solutions is an innovator in the transportation industry providing a suite of solutions focusing on factoring, fuel, and business management. As a Private Equity-backed FinTech company, OTR Solutions offers OTR Clutch - the first and only premium banking solution built exclusively for truckers.
Screenshot of OTRClutch webapp user dashboard

Shifting Trucker Business Into High Gear

  • Straightforward Business Banking

    Business banking without credit checks. Perfect for starting a new business and managing recurring expenses.

  • Manage Finances On-the-go

    Track earnings and spending using the advanced OTR Clutch mobile app. Receive exclusive factoring benefits and enjoy overdraft-fee-free protection. Earn cashback from both physical and virtual card transactions.

  • Track Expenses from Additional Cardholders

    Add additional cardholders anytime and easily apply spending limits to the card.

Integrate With Your Team

OTR Solutions partnered with our US-based UX designers and Vietnam-based engineering team to perform the Clutch mobile application design and development.

Team Collaboration
  • AgilityIO designers conducted product discovery and designed the Clutch mobile app experience and user interface.

  • AgilityIO engineers collaborated with OTR Solutions engineers and BaaS provider Unit to develop an end-to-end mobile solution for truckers nationwide.

Tech Stack

  • React Native

  • PostgreSQL

  • TypeScript

  • Azure

  • Docker

  • NestJS

  • Jest

  • Terraform

The Result

OTR Clutch is the first and only debit card and banking solution designed and developed exclusively for owner-operators and small and midsize business (SMB) carriers. By working with AgilityIO, OTR delivered a banking solution that benefits truckers from stretching their budget further, which is traditionally unavailable in the nation.